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Why do you say wedding photography is an investment?

A photographer can help make your memories last, but a great photographer will make the memories happen. A great photographer isn't an interruption, they're a welcome addition. They know how to be assertive, like when directing people into position for group shots. They know when to be a ninja, like during the vows. They bring guests together, amp up the energy, and reveal the best in people. With a great photographer, everyone feels comfortable and relaxed–even that uncle who claims he “hates” having his picture taken will have a great time.

Photography is an important investment for any wedding. Weddings are incredible events filled with love, laughter, and happy tears–oh, and stress. You know what makes that day way less stressful? A great photographer.

My cousin/niece/brother's-best-friend is instagram famous, should I have them take my wedding pictures?

It might sound like a good idea to ask a family friend who likes taking pictures to lend their time to be your wedding photography. Or you might think it’d be fun to have guests to take their own pictures and tag you on social media. This is one of those–sounds good on paper and doesn’t work in real life–ideas. You want each of your guests to actually attend and enjoy your wedding, not be processing it from behind a camera lens. And when they are enjoying, they’re not going to focus on taking pictures because they’ll be in the moment experiencing your celebration.

What does a wedding photographer do?

Wedding photographers manage timelines, direct large groups of people, troubleshoot all kinds of issues (like weather troubles, lighting concerns, and permit issues), know how to make their subjects look incredible by suggesting poses and capturing the best light. They already know all the shots to take, so you don’t have to worry over what moments are being captured.

After the big day is over, wedding photographers become editors and meticulously go through every image of the day (which can be hundreds of pictures for every hour!). They choose the best and they fine tune the details, so your photos will not just be a time capsule to what your wedding looked like but they'll bring you back to what it felt like. They format the images and make them ready for you in whatever the agreed upon delivery method is.

What do people say about Blooming Pineapple Photography?

Pam C.


Alex Bonzo is really empathetic, creative, fun, and so professional at the same time! Wonderful experience for our wedding shoot.

He showed himself patient, interested and available to meet with us prior to our event at the place where our wedding took place, so he got familiarized and the next day he brought with himself lot of ideas and inspiration for every single shoot. The final results were amazing! My wife and I love our pics and we totally recommend him and his Blooming Pineapple team.

Jen C.


Alex is just amazing!! We had a full day coverage for our wedding and we couldn't be happier about how comfortable we felt having our pictures taken by him, we capture every special moment and make it all feel really natural. Even our family loved this guy going around to not miss a moment on our wedding day!! Pictures turned out really nice and we will always recommend his services as photog!!

Francesca B.

Couple's Photos

My partner and I decided we should do a photo shoot to capture our amazing holiday in Mexico. Alejandro was amazing (maybe too much as my partner would not stop talking about him 😂), from the start he made us feel really relaxed, and helped us have fun and enjoy the moment more than anything. The photos were beautiful maybe too beautiful as we ended up buying nearly every single shot... honestly for incredible photos with original ideas, and great company I would 100% recommend this company! (And again Amar is still showing our (/his) book to everyone and it puts a real smile on our face every-time) thank you and hopefully if we can make it happen you’ll be in France at our wedding (if he ever proposes) x

Keith H.


Alejandro was amazing to work with and has a natural talent for capturing the beautiful moments. We'd initially opted for a 100 photo package but after seeing his work it was impossible to pair down our selection and we decided to get them all.

George M.


Alejandro was our photographer for our Mexico and we could not have asked for better. He captured our day in such a beautiful way it was amazing. Thank you so much sir for capturing our wedding day it meant the world to us. Please request him he is amazing. 

Sarah G.


A big thanks to Alejandro Bonzo for making our wedding day very special with amazing photos...Highly recommend! Loved every minute and he made it all about us.

André L.


Alejandro was amazing with my 3 kids! Very professional and open minded. We recommend 100%.

I have a limited budget, what are my options?

Don't fret, what we want most is to enhance and capture your memories. If you're getting married, we want you to focus on your once in a lifetime moment, and not on making sure you have the money to pay your photog at the end of the night. Before the big day, we will collaborate to arrange the payment methods and dates. Surprise costs aren't a thing because we'll have a clear and easy to understand contract in place so you can be assured that there will be no shocking unexpected bills from us filling your inbox.

What kind of photography do you offer?

All kinds! We specialize in portraits, couples, and weddings.

Wedding Photography
Couples Photography
Portraits Photography

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