Wedding Memories

You will have this day, this wedding, one time. There are many moments that can never be recreated; the ring ceremony, the kiss, the first dance. The memories can fade, but the act of reviewing photographs keeps those memories sharp while encouraging communication between family and facilitating storytelling through generations.

A bride and groom walk hand in hand at dusk, walking away from the shadowy palm trees of the jungle.

Wedding Photography Packages

This is the scary part you may have been anticipating: the money talk...

Don't fret, what we want most is to enhance and capture the magic of your love. We want you to focus on your once in a lifetime moment, and not on making sure you pay the photographer at the end of the night. We prearrange payment methods and dates, and we even make sure we have a clear and easy to understand contract in place so you can be assured that there will be no surprise costs or weird clauses that indemnify us of our responsibilities.

Ok, now that we've laid a little groundwork, let's look over some numbers.

We really like to set up a custom situation for clients, your wedding is about you, and your photographs need to be as unique as you are. That being said, here are some possible wedding packages with names punningly inspired by–you guessed it–pineapples; Piña Colada, Mai Tai, and Jala-Piña.


The Piña Colada

Get the works with the piña colada. Capture your wedding day from start to finish.

We'll start off with the option of an engagement shoot or swap it for an hour of photos at your rehearsal dinner. We'll also connect for a pre-wedding consultation. You'll give us ideas of what kinds of shots you want so we know what your vision is. If you don't have any ideas, we'll help you come up with some!

We'll slate you for eight hours of shooting in one day with short breaks for our photogs to rehydrate and refuel, and just in case your day runs over that time we'll throw in a few more hours as a buffer.

Then we spend hours upon hours carefully going through the hundreds or thousands of photos we've taken to find the best ones. We'll edit them to make sure each one captures the feeling of each moment.

You'll get 600 beautiful photos that you can download right to your computer. We'll even set up your online gallery where you can easily find your photos in high-res for sharing digitally or in print.

Drink up the piña colada for $2000

Guests watch as this couple gets married on the beach by the Caribbean Sea.

The Mai Tai

With the mai tai, you get five hours of consecutive shooting with short breaks so our photographers can get some rehydration and electrolyte replenishment.

We'll talk about your wedding beforehand, helping you to set up a vision board so we know exactly what you want. If you don't know what you want, we'll help you find inspiration.

You will be able to download your photos in high-resolution quality from the online gallery we set up. The photos will be the 400 best of the best out of the hundreds or thousands that we end up snapping! Each photo will be meticulously edited to perfectly reflect the way each moment looked in real life.

Order a mai tai for $1600

Family and friends stand and watch the just married couple walk down the aisle after their wedding ceremony.

The Jala-Piña

The jala-piña is for the budget conscious betrothed. We offer three hours of consecutive shooting. No lunch break needed for our photographers on this day, we'll maximize the time we have with you.

We can talk about what the best times are to book, it varies depending on the wedding schedule. Some couples prefer to have photographs taken of the love birds getting ready up through the end of the ceremony and a photo shoot afterwards. Other couples prefer to start at the ceremony and go through the reception. If you aren't sure, we can talk about it and find the best time for you.

All of your pictures will be available for download in high-res quality from an online gallery that we will set up. Speaking of images, you'll get 250 beautifully edited photographs.

Ask for a jala-piña, just $900.

Four groomsmen and one groom laugh with a line of tequila shots lined up on the bar.

Mix Your Own

We know that you might have some particular ideas about what you want on your wedding day, and the thought of choosing just one predetermined package is too much to bear! You want options. You like what's on the menu but you just need a few tweaks to love what you order. You are the diner who wants dressing on the side, you want mashed instead of baked, you want the broccoli but would really like it steamed instead of fried.

Fear not, we are open to mixing it up. Maybe you want only two hours but an extra 50 photos. Maybe you're interested in an engagement shoot add-on to one of the smaller packages. Get in touch and let's talk about it.

Send us a message so we know what you need to make your perfect mix.

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